In his new consulting firm, Metaforce, Allen has brought together a team of experts with a depth of experience helping businesses shift ahead in the face of unrelenting change. Recognizing that the frantic pace of economic, technological, social, and competitive disruption demands focused expertise from diverse perspectives, Metaforce takes a discipline-agnostic approach to identifying growth opportunities and executing on them brilliantly. With the understanding that success is driven by the ability to move fast, learn fast, and refine solutions to optimized outcomes as the market evolves, Metaforce partners help clients navigate the tight curves with the velocity and agility necessary to shift ahead – to stay ahead – of the game. To contact Allen, call 917-749-3611 or email him at



For a brand or business to stay successful, it must stay relevant. It must have a keen understanding of what matters to its customers. To stay relevant, it must know when and why to shift course, and have what it takes do so brilliantly to ensure credibility.
In his newest book, Shift Ahead: How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World, Allen Adamson demonstrates why some organizations can continually evolve to meet the times and the marketplace and, equally critical, why others can’t. Based on over 100 interviews with top managers and experts from a broad array of brands and businesses that have gone through significant changes, Shift Ahead brings every internal and external factor into view relative to being able to pull off a successful shift: competitors, risks and barriers to change, cultural influences, finances, and more. Shift Ahead taps both success stories and cautionary tales as a means of driving home its salient lessons, distilling the experiences into a set of lessons applicable to any organization, from small startups to nonprofits to multinational corporations.


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Shift Ahead

In his new book, Allen studies how brands succeed in a market in which change is the only constant. Learn More

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