It’s a challenging time for brands. The marketplace is changing faster than at any time in history. One product after another becomes, at best, a commodity and, at worst, a has-been. Channels of communication that once worked as sure-fire awareness-builders don’t necessarily deliver the expected results. Uncertainty in global markets is the new normal. Innovation is more often found in garages than in major corporate boardrooms. And consumers are, as the pundits say — and the polls prove — in control of the message like never before.

Brand building may not be exactly what it used to be, but it’s still an incredibly fascinating and gratifying business. Especially when you know what’s working, and why, and equally important, what’s no longer effective, and why.

As someone who has not just been a witness to the changes in this industry, but has been responsible for successfully guiding 30 years worth of clients through them, I can speak to the topic with an insider’s knowledge and a practitioner’s eye. And I do. (Here’s a write-up from EventTech 2015.) I speak to students in business schools, to industry colleagues at conferences around the world, to executives at corporate retreats. I speak to – and with – my peers, at marketing forums and symposia. I like what I do for a living. And I like sharing what I’ve learned with others, and having them share their ideas with me.

What do I speak about? Within the context of the changing marketplace, I speak about what it takes to launch a brand today, and what it takes to revitalize a brand that’s seen better days. I share my knowledge on optimizing branding investments or, said another way, knowing where and how to play and win. I talk about unleashing creativity in strategy and execution. And, I speak about the importance of being able to shift and focus, that is, to adroitly manage the constant tension between the need to react to market changes and the need to focus on a brand’s core equities.


Be they formal talks, lectures, or informal round-table forums, my objective is to impart every-day, real-world information. Not theory, but applicable and practical knowledge, usable techniques and tips of the trade. The marketplace is changing. The good news is that we have a lot to talk about.

Sample Topics

How to build a brand that drives business
Simple ways to differentiate in the marketplace
Breakthrough Branding
Fast Brand Building
Unlocking Word of Mouth
How Focus builds brands
How to get your Brand noticed
Why brand Awareness shouldn’t be your goal

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